• The Chapter Advisor is appointed by, and answerable to, the Grand Praetor for a renewable term of one year.
  • The Chapter Advisor is directly accountable to the General Fraternity through the Grand Praetor for executing and fulfilling his responsibilities and commitments.
  • The Chapter Advisor is accountable to the chapter he is advising to uphold the mission and responsibilities below.
  • The Chapter Advisor will hold himself accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.


  • Serve as a direct guide to the undergraduate chapter (or chapters) assigned to him by the Grand Praetor. Be the chapter-level representative of the fraternity and Grand Praetor.
  • Have a clear understanding and knowledge of the principles, values, mission, ritual and Standard Operating Procedures of the Fraternity and ensure that each is clearly understood by the members of the chapter.


  • Be knowledgeable of each chapter officers’ duties.
  • Complete any required online training (Sigma Chi U) after appointment.
  • Attend the next available Chapter Advisor Training after appointment.


  • Ensure the officers hold the members of the chapter accountable to the values of Sigma Chi and Oath of Initiation.
  • Be fully informed of activities, events, goals, plans and outcomes that the chapter undertakes and review with the chapter as needed.
  • Keep the Grand Praetor advised of critical events and accomplishments both positive and negative as they occur.
  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with the House Corporation Board for the assigned chapter.
  • Establish and maintain a close, positive relationship with the Office of Greek Life (or cognate office), and other university officials as needed.
  • Ensure the chapter participates in and completes any required programing of the General Fraternity.
  • Promote opportunities for participation within the General Fraternity, including scholarship opportunities, leadership programs, Province Conference, and Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.


  • Hold the officers of the chapter accountable to their oaths of office.
  • Be available for guidance, counsel and direction of the chapter officers and members.
  • Regularly attend executive committee meetings and chapter meetings or as needed.
  • Work to develop, form and chair an Alumni Advisory Board made up of alumni who exemplify the values and principles of Sigma Chi. Utilize these board members in support of chapter advising efforts.
  • Attend Province Conference workshop and Balfour Leadership Training Workshop as available upon request by the Grand Praetor.
  • Carefully review the assigned chapter’s responses to the online Annual Report/Peterson application and be prepared to hold the chapter accountable for their answers by ensuring the responses are honest and accurate. Complete the Chapter Advisor section.
  • Identify and recommend a potential successor to the Grand Praetor and conduct training as requested.